Progressive Energy is an established independent UK clean energy company focusing on project development and implementation.

Progressive Energy comprises a team of highly experienced energy industry professionals providing the skill sets necessary to support all aspects of the development and implementation of an energy project: project screening and selection, project definition and optimisation, contracting (including feedstock, EPC, and power purchase contracts), consenting, project financial evaluation, financing, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and venture management.

The team has wide technology experience covering the range of small and large scale generation options for coal, gas and renewable energy including wind, biomass and CHP, and is a leader in the field of Carbon Capture and Storage commercialisation. Progressive Energy has particular skills in projects utilising emergent technologies, with its breadth of experience vital for assessing the commercial balance of risk and reward that such approaches offer.

The Chairman of Progressive Energy is Dr Brian Count, previously CEO of Innogy, now RWE, with Non-Executive Director Alan Lovell, currently Chairman of Tamar, and formerly CEO of Infinis. The Managing Director is Peter Whitton, who headed up Business development at Magnox, and the team includes senior managers and experienced staff from most UK generators and several major project companies.