Progressive Energy is primarily a project development and implementation company, and has extensive experience of overcoming the technical and commercial challenges associated with bringing new technologies to market. We have significant experience of developing CCS projects, and are currently engaged in the development and operation of major hydrogen-related projects to decarbonise the gas networks and in the roll-out of battery storage projects to reduce electricity costs for industrial power consumers.

Progressive also acts as a consultant to Government, including BEIS and Ofgem, along with private sector clients, such as energy utilities, banks, private equity funds, oil and gas companies, technology providers and other project developers.

The scope of our advisory services can be summarised as follows:

- Technical and Commercial Due Diligence

- Techno-Economic Evaluation and Optimisation

- Project Management

- Asset Management

- Risk Management

- Development and Negotiation of Contracts including CfDs, PPAs and Heat Sales Agreements

- Consenting and Stakeholder Management

- Owner's Engineer