What We Do

Progressive Energy is primarily a project development and implementation company, and has extensive experience of overcoming the technical and commercial challenges associated with bringing new technologies to market, both for its own projects and in consultancy roles.  The team is skilled at understanding the interests of project stakeholders, and using current policy regimes to optimise project returns for all parties.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Progressive has developed several Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects, including the Teesside Low Carbon Project, which reached the final four of DECC's CCS Commercialisation Competition. For this, Progressive built and managed a consortium of multinational companies BOC-Linde, GdF Suez and Premier Oil.

The company is a leading player in the development of CCS from industrial processes, working with a number of industries, predominantly located on Teesside, and contributing to a study funded by the City Deal.  Partners in this sector include SSI-UK, GrowHow and Tata Steel.

Progressive is also active in development of new technologies, contributing to the development of NET Power's Allam Cycle. Staff at Progressive are active in the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, and are involved in technical work to define ISO standards for carbon dioxide transportation, and in European research on carbon dioxide specifications.

Renewables and Low Carbon Heat

Progressive has been active in the renewables and waste sector for over 10 years. The team is experienced in conventional combustion and advanced conversion technologies (gasification, pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion). It has also built a capability in the production of alternative energy vectors, such as hydrogen, substitute natural gas and liquid biofuels (including second generation) as well as projects which utilise renewable and recovered heat.

Members of the team have been instrumental in developing best practice in waste resource utilisation through both the establishment of the UK's first commercial MBT facility, and development of energy from waste projects. Progressive has undertaken various projects and studies with clients and partners including, National Grid, Advanced Plasma Power, InfraRed, Hills Waste Management, Infinis, ESB (Novus Modus), North East Biofuels, NEPIC, United Utilities, National Grid, Centrica, and Climate Change Capital. Along with its partners, Progressive is  currently constructing a pilot plant for methanation of waste-derived syngas.

Skills and Capabilities

Technical and Commercial Due Diligence

Progressive and its team members have participated in numerous acquisition efforts where technical and commercial feasibility were addressed as a first assessment and rechecked throughout the development and implementation process.  Early identification of fatal flaws and development of a risk register to manage uncertainties, technical roadblocks, commercial gaps and planning deficiencies are key elements in evaluating the technical and commercial feasibility of any given project.  Progressive has undertaken such activities for financial institutions, investors and for technology providers themselves.

Techno-Economic Evaluation and Optimisation

Progressive's team has the technical skill-set and experience to evaluate all major energy conversion technologies, model  a wide variety of processes, and optimise them taking into account the economic impacts of process changes and overall capital investments. Progressive has undertaken this for a wide variety of CCS, waste and bioenergy projects and clients, including (individually and in consortium with other international partners), techno-economic assessments under EU and UK RD&D programmes SACS, CO2STORE, Dynamis, ECCO, and the CO2Europipe projects as well as UK TSB and ETI projects.  

Project Management

Progressive's team has extensive experience of managing projects at all scales.  Progressive was the originator and lead development partner for the development of the 400 MW, £2 billion Teesside Low Carbon Project (TLCP) with GDF Suez, BOC/Linde and Premier Oil, project managing the integration of the consortium including the main responsibility of identifying and managing technical, commercial and delivery risks associated with the project.  Progressive was also responsible for managing the process of appointing a Developer's Engineer on behalf of the consortium, establishing the bidding process, preparing the pre-qualification, scope and bid documents, evaluating the results and recommending the preferred bidders.  

Progressive has also successfully managed a range of projects on a smaller scale, and has been the lead partner in EU- and TSB- funded research projects.

Asset Management

Progressive's team has extensive experience in all aspects of management of energy assets through construction, commissioning and operation.  As owners’ representatives, staff members have overseen the implementation of the project contract documents and successfully addressed issues that have arisen, taking responsibility for budgets, sales, forward planning, improvements, environmental compliance, safety management, financial management, board presentations and board representation.

Risk Management

The development process begins with the identification of an opportunity and the assessment of the factors that are key to the successful realisation of a project.  Each factor carries with it an element of risk and that risk must be managed throughout the development process.  Progressive manage risk through use of a risk register to enable the development team to list known and yet to be identified factors, assess their likelihood of impacting successful development, identify parties responsible for managing that risk factor and track the progress of addressing its impact on the project.   

Development and Negotiation of Contracts including CfDs, ROCs and Heat Sales Agreements

The Progressive team contains experienced negotiators of key project documents including power purchase agreements, EPC contracts,  fuel supply agreements, land leases and acquisitions, technical services, O&M services, government enabling agreements, financing agreements, company formation agreements and subsidiary agreements to these major agreements. 

Through TLCP, Progressive has been involved in the development of the underlying CfD agreements being produced by DECC under the Energy Bill, including those aimed at enabling CCS. Progressive has also been involved in securing and negotiation of ROCs and heat sales agreements, including RHI support. This has included the introduction, by Progressive, of Carbon-14 as an agreed technique for demonstrating biogenic content for accreditation with OFGEM. 

Consenting and Stakeholder Management

Progressive team members have managed the consenting process for numerous projects.  Progressive specifically led the efforts to obtain consents for the TLC Project including the development of scoping documentation to inform all local and regional stakeholders about the project and involve them in early assessments of the project.  Information obtained in this process was used to modify certain aspects of the project under development and to direct planning professionals to undertake further assessments to better assure the various stakeholders of the overall beneficial characteristics of the project.   

Owner's Engineer

The Progressive team is experienced in all major energy conversion technologies and has the technical capability to assess new technologies under development.  Progressive team members have worked as owner’s engineers, monitoring EPC processes to ensure schedule, budget and performance were maintained in accordance with contractual obligations.  Team members have also participated in closeout of project contracts, management of punch list items and assessment of whether LD’s were to be collected from contracting parties.