Welcome to Progressive Energy

We exist to develop and deliver low carbon energy projects at a scale to make a material reduction in carbon emissions as we fight against climate change.

We believe that by 2050, up to a third of the UK’s final energy use could be met by hydrogen and carbon capture.

We believe that society’s greatest challenge is tackling climate change. The UK is a world leader in reducing emissions, but we have recently set an even more audacious target – zero emissions by 2050.

Achievement of the Net Zero target requires a complete transformation of our energy system, and this presents opportunities for new technologies, new business models and economic growth.

At Progressive Energy, we develop projects that tackle emissions reduction in ‘hard to reach’ sectors of the economy.

The UK has significantly reduced emissions in the electricity sector through a growth in renewables and a reduction in coal fired generation, but electricity is only around one fifth of our total energy use. To get to Net Zero, we need to remove emissions from industry, transport and heat.

At the centre of our thinking is the hydrogen economy. Hydrogen is a clean fuel that can be used for transport, power generation, industry and heat. Our projects bring together partners with emerging technologies to produce and deliver hydrogen at sufficient scale to make a substantial difference to UK emissions.

Indeed, we believe that by 2050, up to a third of the UK’s final energy use could be met by hydrogen. Please explore our projects to understand more about how we make this happen.

About Progressive

Progressive Energy was formed in 1998 to develop low-carbon technologies from concept to commercial deployment.

We have developed projects throughout the energy system supply chain, and have expertise and ‘know-how’ in generation, distribution, storage and use of energy.

We deploy our deep technical and commercial expertise in project development, technical and commercial consultancy and advisory roles.

We have significant experience of working with large industrials, bringing together and managing consortium partners to meet project specific requirements.

If you are interested in joining the Progressive Energy team, please take a look at our careers page.