Who We Are

Progressive Energy’s team has both deep technical and commercial skills, along with ‘know-how’ in respect of developing complex projects. We also have significant experience of working with large industrials, bringing together and managing consortium partners to meet project specific requirements.

If you are interested in joining the Progressive Energy team, please take a look at our recruitment page.


Peter Whitton Chairman

More than 35 years’ experience in senior commercial, energy trading, business development, project management, strategy and technical management positions in the electricity and energy supply industry. Peter is a Founder Director and has led the development of the company including its interface to Government and industry. Peter is currently chair of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association.

Chris Manson-Whitton CEO

A respected industry leader and low carbon energy expert, focussed on taking innovative technologies from concept to deployment, achieved through whole system thinking and building consortia for delivery.

Chris was instrumental in the inception and development of HyNet, the UK’s leading industrial decarbonisation cluster which will deliver 10 million tpa of CO2 storage this decade.

He also formed Vertex Hydrogen, the joint venture developing the UK’s most advanced large scale low carbon hydrogen facility to deliver low carbon hydrogen to major industrials, safeguarding and enable them to flourish in a net zero world. Alongside Cadent, Chris and his team conceived, developed and oversee management of HyDeploy, the world-leading hydrogen to grid project, which has delivered a blend of hydrogen to 650 homes on the public gas network.

Andy Brown Engineering Director

Andy joined Progressive at its inception, bringing 29 years of power station maintenance experience on coal, nuclear and Gas Turbine technology, and a wealth of practical engineering to the company. Progressive’s pioneering of IGCC opportunities allowed Andy to develop further expertise (for which he was awarded the I.Chem.E’s Hebden Medal) burning syngas and hydrogen in Gas Turbines, and CO₂ capture, transportation and storage.  He represented the UK in producing an ISO Standard for CO₂ transportation.  More recently extending this to hydrogen, he was responsible for the I.Chem.E’s series on hydrogen (in recognition for which he was awarded their Ambassador medal).

David Hanstock Commercial Director

Senior business development, strategy and technology roles within CEGB. A Founding Director of Progressive Energy leading on project financial appraisals and complex process analyses. Instrumental in a number of EU Framework programmes, on executive boards, active in the formulation of EU policy for the Emissions Trading Scheme and UK Governmental bodies focused on carbon mitigation.

David Parkin HyNet Director

David is a recognised industry leader in the development of low carbon energy infrastructure and joined Progressive Energy as a director in 2019. As Network Strategy Director for National Grid Gas (subsequently Cadent), he led the formation of the Future of Gas programme which first set out a strategy for decarbonisation of heat and led to the development of numerous projects in the sector, including the HyDeploy and HyNet hydrogen projects. A chartered engineer, David spent the early part of his career at BAE Systems / Airbus, before moving to Atkins in 2008, where he became Director of Power and Renewables. David holds degrees from Cambridge, Warwick and MIT.